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Book Talk: Bird Box (the book) by Josh Malerman | Did you know this author sings in a rock band?

WARNING: Please remember that these Book Talks contain spoilers. I do not aim to review a book but to encourage a conversation about it. That means I'll talk about my favorite parts and unfavorite parts, INCLUDING SPOILERS.

Horror and psychological thrillers are not usually on my to-read list. But movie trailers and Bird Box, the book, sitting on my library's "new" shelf put it into my life in a way I couldn't ignore. I did a quick check of average ratings, and here's what I found. Again, Goodreads has a lower rating for the book than Amazon or B&N. Must be all those picky readers out there. Lol.

4.03 star rating on Goodreads (for the first time I noticed Goodreads rates to the 1/100th place)
4.4 star on
4.4 star on Amazon

Before I tell you my personal rating, I'm going to bend your ear with what I thought of the story. So here's what I liked and didn't like about the book.

The title page!! Look at those trees!!…

New Snowman and Snowflake Design | New Product Announcement!

Hello, friends. Today is a quick bonus post to show off my new snowman design live today in my Redbubble shop. I know spring is on its way (although it's been cold and rainy here the entire week!), but I thought I'd sneak in these cute snowmen and lacy snowflakes for those who live in an area where winter is still going strong. You can never have too much cheering up with cute things when it's cold and dim outside.

To check out stickers, click here.
To check out cards, click here.

I hope you enjoy this new design. I had such fun creating these little snowmen and their expressions.

This winter design is available as stickers, greeting cards, postcards and iPhone and Galaxy cases and skins. I've included a new product as well this time: phone wallets. Let me know what you think of them! I love their leathery look and the crisp white background they provide for my little snowmen.

To check out the cases above and to see a complete list of phone sizes and types of cases av…

Just a Friendly Chat | New Sketch

Hello my friends. How is your week going? It has been cold and rainy here in North Carolina. I hope you are staying warm and dry and happy with lots of books and writing things.

Today I just wanted to show you a sketch I did. I was inspired by a video thumbnail and decided to draw it and see what happened. I love the gold with the ink. I haven't mixed pencil with ink much, but it just seemed right for this sketch. Let me know what you think of it in the comments. Do you draw? Have you mixed pencil, ink and marker? Post a picture of your art below or leave a tag to your social media. I would love to check out your art as well.

Thanks for joining me today. I don't think it will be any sunnier tomorrow for me, but as long as there's coffee, books, paper and drawing, I'll be ok. ツ

I'll talk to you again soon!

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Book Talk: The Jane Austen Project and My Own Jane Austen Project

WARNING: Please remember that these Book Talks contain spoilers. I do not aim to review a book but to encourage a conversation about it. That means I'll talk about my favorite parts and unfavorite parts, INCLUDING SPOILERS.

This month I read The Jane Austen Project by Kathleen A. Flynn. Time travel, history and writing are high on my list of favorite topics in a book. The Jane Austen Project satisfied my reading tooth in a way no book has since I created my list of top three favorites in my late teens. Apparently not everyone thinks it's as good as I, according to the Goodreads rating.

3.7 star rating on Goodreads (I assume it's because of the readerly, i.e. pickier opinions of readers)
4.2 star on
4.5 star on Amazon

I'm considering adding it to my new list of favorites. It is definitely a model for a dream book to write.

I love the way Flynn sounds like she really knows what she's talking about when it comes to the science behind t…

New Valentine Notebook Designs!

Hello, friends. I just wanted to make a quick post to show you my newest notebook cover design. It's a cute Valentine-themed piece to inspire you to write about the one you love. This can make a great gift for Valentine's Day or a special anniversary or occasion. It's a great gift idea for writers. You know we like to make everything special with words. This pretty journal will be the perfect place to record your thoughts and memories about that special person you love. You could even write the story of how you met and give it to them in this love-themed notebook.

I also have some matching sticker sheets and cards as well as some Valentine's Day cards and stickers. I'm trying a phone case this time as well. Let me know what you think of it in the comments. It's available for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. I'll leave pictures of these new products and a link to my profile where you can access the entire Valentine collection.

Valentine's Day Collectio…