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Review for Dream Kiss: Final Book in Sweet N' Sour Kisses Series

I've finally reached Dream Kiss. I don't currently remember what it was about. (Lasting impression, huh...) Ok, let me check, and I'll be right back.

... ... ...

Ok. Here's what it's about. Our main character, Brooklyn Hamlin, falls for yet another guy, a dreamy, romantic piece of human that she goes physically crazy for. But when she goes on a two-week family vacation with absolutely no contact with her new boyfriend, she comes back feeling quite differently about him.

I think I've said this before, but I was excited when I first started this series. The author is a Mormon from what I can tell, so she writes about teens that actually have some rules governing their lives. It's not everyone sleeping with everyone all up in these pages. Brooklyn makes her own personal rule of not kissing a boy until she turns sixteen. All of that is what intrigued me about reading these books, especially since today's YA has limits on barely anything.

However, as I conti…

A Beach Read Review: Summer Breeze

Yesterday I finished reading a book called Summer Breeze by Nancy Thayer. It was one of those sweet "beach" type reads. I actually started it at the beach last Saturday. That is something I've wanted to do: read a book with a setting near water while being at the beach.

I don't normally choose "sweet" books like this. I grew up reading adventure or coming-of-age or romance with fantastical life circumstances getting in the way, making you wonder if the couple will ever get together. These stories didn't always have happy endings...unlike Summer Breeze. If that book doesn't have a happy ending, you'd probably want your money back. The title, the front cover picture, all of it, advertises a happy ending.

If I was rating the book out of five among others of its kind, I'd give it a three. The writing was competent, but it lacked that certain flair that makes an author really stand out. However, I think lots of people like this kind of writing, a…

Deals in Smashwords Summer Book Sale

One author whose style I'm enjoying is Susan Clayton-Goldner who publishes with Tirgearr Publishing based in Ireland. Tirgearr Publishing makes their ebooks available through Smashwords as well as in print from their website I'm reading Susan's book A Bend in the Willow, a suspense story about a woman whose five-year-old son needs a bone marrow transplant. To save her young son's life, she must return to a past she has disowned, changing her name and identity to escape from a murder she committed almost twenty years ago.

I enjoy Susan's writing style. She has several other books as well that I will link below, all of which are 50% off in the Smashwords Summer Sale. (The widgets show the full price, but when you click on them they will show the sale price of 50% off.)

If there is one you particularly enjoy, leave a comment below or connect with me on Twitter @BookTalkwithRR.

You can also download my children's book, Betty Butter, for …