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Time to Go Back!

Have you ever come home from the library with a stack of books ten high, only to return all of them unread, then repeat the same process on your next visit? I have been doing this for years. Last month I decided I needed to get a handle on this action. So I started asking myself why I took home so many books and why so many of them were returned unread. Taking home so many is simple. They all look so interesting. Ooo, a flashy cover. I'll take that one. Hmm, intriguing title. I'll take that one too. Interesting premise on the back cover copy of this one. I'm sure I'll read this one. I'd better take it too.

I'm sure your excuses are as water tight as mine.

But why return so many unread? Now that question was a little harder to answer. After some soul searching and much wailing and confessing of sins...wait, that's church, not library books. Ahem...let's start over.

After pondering on this question and forcing myself to be as honest as I could, I conclud…