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Tell Me Your Rebound Boyfriend Story

When is life ever not busy? I'm currently reading two books for review, just passed the halfway point on writing my own book, writing a chapter a week on a co-authored book all while cooking healthy meals for me and my husband every day, keeping the house clean and trying to keep up with laundry. I swear, I'm gonna change! But it's been a good week.

I'm in the middle of reading Book 3 in the Sweet 'N Sour Kisses Series by Cindy M. Hogan. It's called Rebound Kiss (with a rebound boyfriend, I'm assuming). I've never actually had a rebound boyfriend. I was always head over heels with whoever I was dating, or liking, at the time. (Disclaimer: I didn't always date the people I liked. I had this thing where I felt they had to come to me and pick me out. That led to quite a few one-sided relationships. But those are more juicy details for when we know each other better.)

Before I share any more of that information, let's talk more about you. What have…

Book Reveiw: Stolen Kiss

Hey, welcome back to Book Talk. Today I wanted to go a little more in depth with Stolen Kiss, Episode 2 in the Sweet 'N Sour Kisses series by Cindy Hogan.

Brooklyn Hill is recovering from her first date with Luke Graham (in Episode 1, First Kiss) after he did the unexpected and turned her birthday into a nightmare. She tries to avoid him at school and at swim practice (they're both on the swim team), but he seems determined to act like they are an item.

Ryker finally starts talking to her, the strong, quiet guy on their competing school's swim team. Brooklyn wants to see what might develop with him, so she has to find a way to get rid of Luke. She thinks she comes up with the perfect idea...until it backfires. But all might turn out perfectly yet when she meets Ryker at the corn maze on the swim team group outing.

I loved this book just as much as First Kiss. Author Cindy Hogan kept the humor going. I don't find many books these days that have some kind of rules in th…

Opening Day Party: Grab Your Free Ebook Below!

Hi! My name is Rebecca Rivera, and you're reading Book Talk with Rebecca Rivera. I love reading books and talking about books. When I was a young teenager, my friends would come to me for advice on what book to read next. They would borrow books from my extensive library (extensive for a civilian), and I would make them follow my "don't bend the cover" rule and "this book better come back in the same shape it left" rule. I was an advocate for a good story, and my standards were very high.

After almost fifteen years of stepping away from fiction because of some heart-twisting life events (that I may tell you about sometime, after we get to know each other), I have returned and discovered the world of books has changed a LOT while I was gone.

Six years ago, I heard about this fabulous little website (it't not really little) called You may have heard of it. It's a place where anyone can publish an ebook for free. Recently, I discovered …