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Book Review: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

Have you ever read Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell? What is that book about?? What is the point? I read umpteen pages just to get to the end and NOTHING HAPPENS! I thought I was just being picky. Or maybe I didn't get it. So I checked reviews on Goodreads and found I was not alone. There are mixed reviews on Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell. Some absolutely love it, the magic, the detail, the characters, the world that Clarke created. Others had the same reaction I did. WHAT IS THE POINT?

Nothing really happens in the book. There is no resolution at the end. We are still waiting to see if Strange and Norrell come out of the black cloud (in which they seem none too eager to leave). I don't know if the point is to relate to that type of person or creative who gets so involved in their work they fail to notice whether it's night or day. I enjoy that type of person. I fantasize about being that type of person. I might even dare to say that I've achieved it once or twice, ge…

What Am I Reading Next?

So I've finished Dream Kiss. It's been a while since I first started this series. I'm glad to reach the end. I'm excited to move on to some other great books I've found on Smashwords since first discovering the Sweet N' Sour Kisses series, including a mystery series by the same author. I'll be reading the first of the mystery series on a casual level. I have some other books I'm reading right now that I'm excited about finishing, so Cindy M. Hogan's Watched will be one that I pick up when I'm waiting at the dentist's office or something like that. (I don't know why people always pick the dentist's office. I know I won't be waiting there because I haven't been to one in over six years! I'm not advocating not going, I'm just saying I know I won't read this book at the dentist's office. Haha. Although I may read it at my husband's office while I'm waiting for him to get off work.)

Wow! That was a long…