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A Stay at Sister Hotel | Visiting My Sister for the Weekend

Last weekend I had the chance to spend a few days with my sister. She lives an hour and a half away so I spent the night, and we had a proper sleepover. Downton Abbey and Mikes Hard Lemonade played a big part. Haha! We didn't get up to anything really treacherous since our idea of being bad is staying up till 2 am watching DA.

I just thought I'd share with you some of the things we did.

Sharon filmed a craft video of a floral centerpiece she made for her dining room table. I took a few shots of her while she was working. You can check out her YouTube channel here: Sharon Guardiola. She makes craft, painting and beauty videos.

She also left me these tasty chocolates on my pillow and lent me a fluffy fur-lined robe like a legit five-star hotel. Lol.

My sister has two fireplaces so they have lots of wood.

This is the mantelpiece in her bedroom. I love this style. It really reflects her. (No pun. ツ )

I had a great time staying at the Sister Hotel. I give it a five-star review. lo…